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The thought of saving tens of thousands of dollars to put a down payment on a house can seem overwhelming. If you’re trying to figure out how to do it, you might want to downsize. 

Consider Moving to Save Money
Since housing is most likely your largest monthly expense, reducing the amount you pay in that area can allow you to save money for a down payment faster. If you’re currently living in a rented house or apartment and you will be able to relocate in the near future without violating the terms of your lease, that may be a good option. 

Getting a smaller place, moving to a less expensive area or sharing a house or apartment with one or more roommates might allow you to significantly reduce your monthly living expenses. It might free up hundreds of dollars per month that you can put toward a down payment.

Before you decide to downsize, weigh the pros and cons. Think about all your living expenses, not just rent. If you move to a new home that has a lower rent, but you wind up spending more for utilities and food, you might not come out ahead. Relocating to a cheaper area also may not be a good idea if it causes you to have a longer commute that leaves you spending more on gas and feeling stressed out. 

Think About Getting a Roommate
If you currently rent a house or apartment and you have an extra bedroom, it might make sense to get a roommate. That will reduce the amount you pay yourself for rent each month and give you more money to put toward a down payment on a house. It also will let you skip the costs and stress associated with moving to a new place and avoid a longer commute and other hassles.

Look for More Ways to Downsize
You can downsize other parts of your life to save money for a down payment. For instance, you can use public transportation, carpool or work from…

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