Adopt a few of these home tips to find a bit more cash each month. Your house gives you so much: security, pride, and shelter. But, with all that on the line, there are plenty of expenses that are important, and some are simply a waste. Here’s how to save money each month without putting a dime of home value at risk. 

#1 Clean Your Lightbulbs – Who does that? Smart people. A dirty bulb emits 30% less light than a clean one. Dust off the bulb and fixture, and you might be able to cut back on the number or brightness of lights in each room without noticing any difference. 

#2 Keep Your Fridge Full – Solid items snuggled together retain the cold better than air and help keep one another cold – requiring less energy overall. Leaving town for a while, and the fridge is empty? Fill voids in the refrigerator or freezer with water bottles. 

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