Sisters save £500 a month by yellow-sticker shopping and batch-cooking

Learn from their savvy shopping skills (Picture: @supersavingsavvysisters/Mercury Press)

Keen to save some money on your weekly food shop?

Take note from sister Kate McCarthy, 41, and Angie Bond, 52 – they are masters of the art of bargain food-buying.

Kate spends around £40 a week to feed her family of five, while Angie feeds her family of four for just £30 – and the sisters reckon they save £120 a week between them.

So, how do they do it?

It’s all thanks to hunting down yellow-sticker items, as well as using apps like Olio and Too Good To Go.

Although they live apart, with Kate in Greenwich, London and Angie in Launceston, Cornwall, they’re always quick to compare deals and share tips and tricks.

Kate said: ‘We never see it as a competition, it’s about supporting each other.

MERCURY PRESS. (Pictured: [LR] Kate McCarthy, 41, and her sister Angie Bond, 52.) Super savvy sisters save ??500 per month by yellow sticker shopping! Kate McCarthy, 41, spends around ??40 a week to feed her family of five, and her sister Angie Bond, 52, spends ??30 to feed a family of four, and save ??120 a week between them. The pair have used yellow sticker items, as well as apps like Olio and Too Good To Go, to save money on their food shops for over a year. SEE MERCURY COPY

Kate (left) feeds her family of five for £40 a week, while Angie (right) spends £30 to feed her family of four (Picture: @supersavingsavvysisters/Mercury Press)

‘We speak every day and send each other tips that we see online, or recipes.

‘It all started because we were just talking about healthy eating, and how you can live on a budget and still make good meals.

‘From there we both started making an effort to save on food shops and help each other!”

Saving on food shops has become more important as the cost of living increases.

Kate said: ‘We can use the extra money you save to go towards electric bills, or anything you need.

Angie Bond with a yellow sticker haul

They’re always on the lookout for yellow-sticker deals (Picture: @supersavingsavvysisters/Mercury Press

‘Everyone’s had to change the way they’re living now that fuel prices and everything have gone up.

‘Having a bit of extra money to set aside just gives us peace of mind.’

The pair usually find the best deals in Tesco and Morrisons, and make sure to go…

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