SmartRx Offers New Way to Save Money on Prescriptions, Healthcare Costs

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What happened

SmartRx announced two prescription and healthcare savings services now available to the public. The SmartRx Discount Card can help consumers save up to 80% on prescription drug costs for many commonly prescribed medications. This service is free to use and works similarly to competitor services like GoodRx, Carecard, and SingleCare.

The company also has a health savings membership called SmartRx+, priced at $19 per month. This service provides savings for non-prescription health expenses. Examples include rebates for doctor and dental visits, telehealth care, annual vaccines, prescription glasses and contacts, and pet medication costs.

So what

The SmartRx Discount Card is accepted at 60,000+ pharmacies nationwide. Users can receive their discount card by text or email and present it at the pharmacy during the checkout process to receive discounts, if available.

For consumers looking to save on healthcare costs beyond prescriptions, a paid SmartRx+ membership is available. While usually priced at $19/month, a 7-day trial is available for $3. Users can get a $15 cash back bonus rebate on their first prescription purchase.

The following membership rebates apply:

  • $30/year for vaccines
  • $50/month for doctor/dental visits
  • $125/year for prescription glasses and contacts
  • $25/month for pet medications
  • $20/month for telemedicine visits
  • $18/month for Rx delivery fees

The company’s Jan. 12 press release further discussed the benefits of SmartRx+. “There are other health care costs beyond prescriptions, including co-pays and pet medications, which may be significant burdens to some. Our approach helps ease these burdens in a simple and effective way,” SmartRx CEO and founder Vipin Porwal noted in the company‚Äôs Jan. 12 press release.

Now what

Most Americans agree that U.S. healthcare costs are…

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