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SmartVestor™ is an advertising service for investing professionals operated by The Lampo Group, LLC d/b/a Ramsey Solutions (“Ramsey Solutions”). When you provide your contact information through the SmartVestor site, Ramsey Solutions will introduce you to up to five (5) investing professionals (“SmartVestor Pro(s)”) that are in your geographic area. It is up to you to interview the SmartVestor Pros and decide whether you want to hire them. If you decide to hire a SmartVestor Pro, you will enter into an agreement directly with that SmartVestor Pro to provide you with investment advisory services. The SmartVestor Pros sign a Code of Conduct under which they agree to certain general investment principles, such as eliminating debt and investing for the longer-term, that are consistent with Dave’s philosophy, but Ramsey Solutions does not monitor or control the investment advisory services the SmartVestor Pros provide.

The SmartVestor Pros have entered into an arrangement with Ramsey Solutions under which they pay Ramsey Solutions a flat monthly fee to advertise their services in the SmartVestor program and receive contact information for prospective investment advisory clients. The fees paid by the SmartVestor Pros to Ramsey Solutions are paid irrespective of whether you become a client of a SmartVestor Pro that advertises through the SmartVestor program and are not passed along to you. However, the presence of these arrangements may affect a SmartVestor Pro’s willingness to negotiate below their standard investment advisory fees, and therefore may affect the overall fees paid by clients introduced by Ramsey Solutions through the SmartVestor program. Please ask your SmartVestor Pro for more information about their fees.

Ramsey Solutions is not affiliated with any SmartVestor Pros and neither Ramsey Solutions nor any of its representatives are authorized to provide investment advice on behalf of a SmartVestor Pro or to act for or bind a SmartVestor Pro. No investment advisory…

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