Solutions exist for families seeking to save on fuel, food prices during inflation | Guest Commentaries

The effects of high prices on goods are hitting the people in our country and community hard. Businesses that rely on fuel are losing business and profit because of high gas prices. Members of our community can’t afford these high prices on food and gas, and they have to decide between gas for getting to work or food to feed their families, which has them in a tough spot. Some are going days without eating food because they can’t afford to get to work without gas, which causes them to not be able to buy food.

People can’t afford the medications that are necessary for them to live. We live in a state that has the lowest prices, yet we see all these people who are starving or not being able to work because of to the insanely high prices. The prices have gone up over 20% in the past year, yet these people’s salaries have not gone up.

The solution for this is encouraging people to use ethanol fuels because you can save 40 cents per gallon over gasoline. This could have a huge impact on how much a person can save. You can save $6 per fill-up instead of losing $6 from excessive prices. The average person spends $1,998 a year on gas. With ethanol fuel, you can save $210 a year. That is a lot of money that can go toward your food and bills. This will help a family not have to be stretched so thin between each paycheck, and this will allow them to be able to pay for gas and go to work. And, if you use ethanol, you get a 51-cent federal tax credit for using the fuel.

Another solution for this is using the city buses. The city buses are cheap and efficient. You can take them pretty much anywhere; they are way cheaper than driving a car around. Although it might take longer, it’s much more…

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