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SportCash One Community Node is Here !

We are pleased to present the Sportcash One Community Node to help the Waves Blockchain to grow and be more decentralized, contributing to the evolution of technology thanks to our team of expert programmers.

Support the Sportcash One Sponsor Node and help make the Waves Blockchain be more decentralized

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Name of Node

Sportcash One Sponsor Node

The Netherlands

All generated revenue is offered to the Sportcash Team to help them grow.
Show your love for this project by pointing your lease to the Sportcash One Community Node. Thanks !

Note. You can find a full nodes list at

How to Leasing Waves tokens to Sportcash One Sponsor Node

Follow this instructions

Waves Network Structure

The structure of the peer-to-peer network impacts the security and performance of cryptocurrencies. A geographically clustered network can quickly propagate a new block to many other nodes. This makes it more difficult for a malicious miner to propagate conflicting blocks/transactions quicker than honest nodes.

However, a less clustered network may mean that full nodes are being run by a wider variety of users which is also good for decentralization.

Waves has a peer-to-peer network for disseminating block and transaction information.

Any computer running blockchain software is considered a node of that blockchain.

Waves also contain full nodes allowing anyone to take part in the decentralized process of block creation.

The Waves full node serves two critical roles:

To relay blocks and transactions to miners

To answer queries for end users about the state of the blockchain.

The Importance of a Full Node

The job of a full node is to store the blockchain data, pass along the data to other nodes, and ensure newly added blocks are valid. Validation entails ensuring that the format of the block is correct, all hashes in the new block were computed correctly, the new block contains the hash of the previous block, and each transaction in the block is valid and signed by the appropriate parties. Full nodes may also act as mining nodes (i.e., generating new blocks), The mining node checks that each transaction is self-valid since the other nodes would reject the block if it included invalid transactions.

Any node may propose new transactions, and these proposed transactions are propagated between nodes until they are eventually added to a block.

Sportcash One blockchain for the sport industry

Sportcash One project is a platform for the sports industry with safe transactions secured by a blockchain system. Including a Multivendor shop, a Social Network, a Loyalty Program and a Crowdfunding solution which are the foundation for our ecosystem, where brands, shops, customers and athletes can participate together in our Programs. Companies can use our Loyalty Program to reward their customers and sell more products.
The customers earn coins as they create and share media on our Social Network, or make purchases through our Loyalty Programs.
Customers can use their coins towards rewards, discounts or to take advantage of special deals.
Our Customer Loyalty Program combined with Blockchain, provides inexpensive and fast transfers between clients and companies on our network

Learn more about Sportcash One products in our Website:

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