State auditor talks efficiency, watchdog duties in Sibley | Gazette-tribune

SIBLEY—Bipartisanship seems to be a rarity in politics for many, but a state official aims to move past his Democratic Party preferences to do his job as objectively as possible.

State auditor Rob Sand made a stop in Sibley on Monday, June 6, while traveling through N’West Iowa repeating his pledge to work for all Iowans and updating residents on the happenings of his office.

“We’ve got to get away from this partisanship, away from this divisive stuff and less extremism, not more of it,” Sand said. “Our job at the end of the day, we’re supposed to be standing up for the truth. We’re supposed to be someplace where people can look for constant integrity in state government. I don’t care if I’m saying good or bad about anybody, either party, as long as it’s the truth.”

Continuing to uncover mismanagement of funds remains a goal as he winds down his first term in office.

“We have actually set a record for the most misspent money found in any four years in the auditor’s office,” Sand said. “We’re busy. I ran on the idea in ’18 of waking up the watchdog. I said that I would make the office more aggressive on behalf of taxpayers.”

Embezzlement cases are fairly common of those uncovered. One of the most significant fraud reports that the office has handled in decades involved Metro Waste Authority in the Des Moines area.

Even the governor’s office is not exempt from investigation.

“The biggest chunk of it is the $20 million dollar Workday funding that the governor put into a computer software program out of COVID money, which just never under any circumstances was close to qualifying,” Sand said. “That’s not fraud — it’s misspent. You spent money…

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