Stop Food Waste Day 2022 and 11 ways to save on your weekly food bill

Stop Food Waste Day on April 27 this year is all about raising awareness, igniting change and identifying more ways to change our behaviour and minimise food waste.

You’ll all be familiar with at least some of the statistics. 33% of all the food produced globally is lost or wasted but did you know that 45% of all root crops grown never reach the table.

Just 25% of all the food wasted could feed all the 95 million undernourished people in the world and 8% of all the greenhouse gas emissions each year are due to food loss or waste. Shameful statistics – a massive issue for the planet and each and every one of us.

Here at the Ballymaloe Cookery School, even though we’ve got a strong focus on Zero Waste, we’ve still on a journey, gradually discovering and sharing more innovative ways to avoid food waste, we continue to encourage students to be mindful about simple things like throwing the veg peelings and herb stalks into the stock pot rather than the bin. Scraps that don’t qualify for the stock pot go into the hen’s bucket in every kitchen to be recycled by the hens to come back as beautiful fresh eggs a few days later. The shells go back into the hen’s bucket to add calcium to the shells of future eggs (and no it doesn’t encourage them to peck the shells of freshly laid eggs!).

For many, unconscious wasting has become an acceptable way of life – it may surprise many to realise that this is a relatively new phenomenon. When I was a child in the 1950’s, waste was not an option, all leftover scraps were used up deliciously, clothes and machinery were mended rather than discarded and built-in obsolescence was not a thing. Hopefully as public opinion becomes more intolerant of the mantra ‘better to buy new than to fix, companies will be forced to rethink their policies.

But back to food and what we…

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