Target shoppers can save money with a simple price-match trick

IF you’re worried about how much money you’re spending at the Target checkout line, there is a simple trick that could help you save some cash.

An easy technique involves taking advantage of the price match policy, which many retailers use to remain competitive and encourage shoppers to choose their brand over others.


The price match policy at Target is an easy way to save money when shoppingCredit: SOPA Images/LightRocket via Gett

How price match policies usually work is that if there are two products that are the same brand and model, a competing store may sell that product at a lower price.

Some retailers even match their own prices if the same product is being sold online at a lower price. It’s good to keep an eye on the prices listed online and in-store.

This can also happen at your local Target. By asking a store associate to match the price of an item listed at a lower price at, the price can be honored for the item in-store.

By downloading the Target app, shoppers will be able to keep track of how much items are listed online versus in person.

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There are some things to keep in mind when using the price matching policy. First, Target will match the price if you buy a qualifying item at Target and find the identical product listed on the website at a lower price or certain online competitors.

Also, your Target app store location needs to be set on the store you are currently shopping at if you want to match the prices listed on the app.

The price match must also be requested at the time of purchase or within 14 days after the initial purchase.

The competitors that Target will match prices with include Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, Sam’s Club, Walmart and Wayfair.

Taking advantage of these policies is a great way to save money, especially when making expensive purchases such as a major…

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