The Age Appropriate Design Code Begins Today

The UK’s Age Appropriate Design Code comes into effect today. The introduction of the code, designed by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), means that online companies will now have 12 months to comply with the new rules.

The code aims to ensure that online companies need to limit the amount of data they collect from children. That means that high privacy levels should be set by default, that geo-location should be turned off, and that data gathered from children shouldn’t be shared without a good reason.

Speaking to the BBC, Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham said that the code “makes it clear that kids are not like adults online, and their data needs greater protection.” The code is aimed primarily at the likes of educational websites and streaming services with child audiences, but game developers will also be affected. The ICO will have the power to fine companies up to 4% of their global turnover for non-compliance, which for the likes of Netflix or Epic, could amount to an awful lot of money.

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