The best books to read to get smarter about your money

There are thousands of resources online to learn about personal finance, a staggering amount of financial information, from free courses offered by colleges and education platforms to TikTok influencers and expert newsletters. This can make it hard to identify the best sources on budgeting, saving and investing, but the earlier in life an individual begins their financial education, the better the chances of wealth and success.

During the CNBC Invest in You virtual event, Finding Your Financial Success, back in April 2021, a Rutgers University student asked a panel of personal finance experts for their picks on the best books to improve one’s money skills. Here is their recommended reading list.

Books on relationships and money

Anthony Chan, managing director and chief economist at JPMorgan Chase, cited two books, both focused on personal relationships and finance.

“Broke Millennial” by Erin Lowry is a step-by-step guide that illustrates how to evaluate your own understanding and relationship with money. Lowry takes readers through how to get “financially naked” with their partners.

Chan also recommended “The Big Payoff” by CNBC’s Sharon Epperson.

“I’m going to embarrass Sharon, but ‘The Big Payoff’ is one of my favorite ones,” he said.

In her book, Epperson lays out how couples of all ages and all stages can realize their financial dreams together. 

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Books on the money mindset

A member of CNBC’s Advisor Council, Lauryn Williams knows the right mindset is fundamental to performing well. Williams was the first American woman to earn a medal in both the Summer and Winter Olympics.

“You know, as a sports enthusiast, we have to get our mind right to make our body do what we want. In order to organize our finances accordingly, we…

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