The blockchain called ‘The Next Ethereum’

If you lose LUKSO (LYXe), you will lose the chance to enjoy the first benefits of an ecosystem whose claims are promising.

LUKSO, the blockchain for the new digital lifestyle, was created by Fabian Vogelsteller. It is a multiverse blockchain network where the worlds of fashion, games, design and social media intersect.

LUKSO provides a set of essential tools and standards to make blockchain easy to use and build. The LUKSO ecosystem targets a new wave of blockchain applications and encourages developers to create a future of decentralized communities, brands and a new digital world.

Who created LUKSO?

Fabian Vogelsteller, the godfather of Ethereum ICOs, is a developer and leader in blockchain technology. Officially, he started working at the Ethereum Foundation in 2015, where he created many projects aimed at Ethereum users and developers, including the Ethereum Mist browser, Ethereum Wallet and web3.js – the most used JavaScript library in the Ethereum space.

Together with Vitalik Buterin, in 2015, he proposed the ERC20 token standard, which started the worldwide ICO wave and redefined investment and mass participation as we know it.

Marjorie Hernandez, product director and co-founder of LUKSO, Fabian’s wife, is a specialist in products and multifaceted innovation, businesswoman and designer. The Caracas-born architect, strategist and innovation consultant built and led EY’s Innovation Laboratory in Berlin, before founding LUKSO.

Why buy LUKSO (LYXe)?

1) Building Ecosystem in Business

The LUKSO project is one of the most successful applications in the areas of anti-counterfeiting and traceability of luxury goods. There are many partners in the fashion industry announced on the official LUKSO website, including Nike, Channel, Burberry, Highsnobiety, Helsinki Fashion Week, Instagram and so on.

LUKSO will join more application ecosystems, which is likely to become the third most successful network in the business ecosystem, after the BTC and ETH networks.

2) Reversible ICO (rICO) created by Fabian

In simpler terms: in a reversible ICO, buyers reserve tokens and then purchase those reserved tokens for a period of time (for example, 8 months) automatically. During this period, buyers have the option to return tokens still reserved at any time and receive the associated ETH back.

  • What problem does rICO solve?

There are some fraudulent projects that promised the outcome of the project and disappeared with the funds raised after the ICO. The rICO model addresses the problems of ICO, holding the founding teams accountable for delivering on their promise, committing money instead of transferring it directly to the project. It is worth mentioning that the LUKSO project wrote this rule in its smart contract, making it automatic and decentralized, maintaining rICO’s impartiality.

  • What is the advantage of rICO?

RICO improves the balance of power between buyers and coin projects, transferring funds slowly to the project and allowing buyers to withdraw their funds at any time. This power is what makes a RICO so reliable and is likely to usher in a new, fairer era of ICOs.

3) Token allocation rules guarantee the price of LUKSO (LYXe)

Token allocation Proportion Release Schedule
Sale at KuCoin Spotlight 1% 5/20/2020
rich 20% 05/27/2020
Private Sale 10% 11/20/2020
Founders and Collaborators 5% 5/20/2021
Foundation Funds 5% 11/20/2021
Community DAO 5% 5/20/2022
Grant Program 5% 11/20/2020
Building the Ecosystem 40% 5/20/2023
Reserve Pool 9% /

The rules of allocation of the token are different from those of other projects, the sale value is responsible for only 1% of the issue. With no initial circulation of their token in the market, participants need not worry that the price of tokens (LYXe) will be crushed by some speculators using the lowest-priced token. Therefore, the price of the LYXe token you obtained in the KuCoin Spotlight or in the market itself will probably be a better price than that of rICO.

  • Small amount of reserved team tokens

The number of reserved tokens of the team is only 10% of the total, the remaining tokens will be sold to initial investors or invested in the construction of the ecosystem. Compared to teams whose projects have reserved many tokens, such as ICOs, LUKSO’s founding team has almost no possibilities and conditions to cause harm in the market in the future, keeping investors away from the risk of holding or trading.

  • First come, first served.

9% of tokens enter the reserve pool, and the LUKSO smart contract will allow investors to recover their money. The rules can demonstrate the founding team’s confidence in the project. The more participants in this program, the higher the price. In the near future, rICO will surely become one of the most successful commercial finance models after ICO. If you can buy LUKSO (LYXe) early in the market, you may enjoy its initial benefits.

4) Low market value, high potential for appreciation

The LUKSO (LYXe) unit price in the KuCoin Spotlight was 1 LYX = 0.22 USDT and is currently close to 0.34 USDT, the total market value that was initially 22 million has already reached 34 million. As a new project that already has a Canary network, LUKSO’s market value is underestimated.

Where to buy LUKSO?

The LUKSO token (LYXe) was sold for the first time on the KuCoin Spotlight on May 20 and can now be purchased on the exchange market, through the pairs LYXe / ETH and LYXe / USDT.

To buy LUKSO (LYXe) register with KuCoin:

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