The PP claims the Government a specific ICO guarantee line for freelancers and SMEs

The PP turns to the defense of the self-employed. The party that leads Pablo Casado has filed separate motions in the Senate in which claims the endowment of a specific line of guarantees for the self-employed and small businesses on the one hand and the inclusion of seasonal freelancers in the lines of aid already approved, on the other.

The ‘popular’ initiative highlights the need to establish such guarantees, both in order to provide liquidity to the self-employed and SMEs with up to 10 workers, and to guarantee their survival.

The PP shows its “concern” at the “lack of efficiency” in the distribution and management of the line of guarantees approved by the Government and warns that the Covid crisis is having “very serious repercussions” on economic activity, especially in SMEs and freelancers.

According to the text of the motion, from the line of guarantees approved by the Government in March, less than 40% has been allocated to provide the necessary liquidity to companies and the self-employedTherefore, their situation “becomes increasingly difficult, if we add that there are one million workers affected by ERTE who have not received their compensation.”

The ‘popular’ senators denounce that the management of these guarantees has revealed the “difficulties and obstacles” that micro-companies have in accessing them, due to both the “complexity of the requirements” and the “inexistence of a structure administrative that allows them to easily complete the precise documentation ».


On the other hand, the PP has also registered another motion for debate in the Committee on Industry, Tourism and Commerce of the Upper House, in which it requests that the seasonal self-employed be included in the help lines of those affected by the Covid- 19.

Specifically, they demand the accession of this group of self-employed in the lines of aid before the damage suffered by confinement derived from the state of alarm and the suspension of regular connections with the peninsula, between the islands and international flights.

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