There’s an Easy Way to Save Money on Your Internet Bill

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Pull up your last internet bill. If you’ve been paying your internet service provider a monthly fee to rent a modem or router, you may be able to prevent future charges and save some money. You just have to buy your own equipment and use that instead.

Equipment fees and the policies that come with them vary from provider to provider. Some charge $10 or more per month for the use of the company equipment. Others let you use it for free. A few providers require you to use their equipment — meaning that you can’t skip the fee by using your own — but most are happy to let you use your own gear and save a few bucks each month.

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Doing so is usually a smart move. For instance, plenty of decent modems cost less than $100. With the average cost of renting a modem from your provider sitting at around $10 per month, a device like that would pay for itself in less than a year and then continue saving you money each month after that. In other cases, where providers will…

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