Tips for How To Save on Summer Travel Amid Rising Airfare Prices

With fuel costs at record highs, which is bad news for road-trippers and air passengers alike, many travelers are rethinking their summer trip plans and contemplating how they might be able to avoid expensive long-haul flights while still getting to enjoy a satisfying destination.

To answer that question, the analysts at travel comparison site Hopper researched and assembled the ultimate guide on ways to save money on your summer travel without missing out on the aspects of travel you were most looking forward to.


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Summer Travel Costs

The average price of airfare for U.S. domestic travel this summer for consumers booking in April is about $344, an increase of over 20 percent in comparison to the same period in pre-pandemic 2019. The price of an international flight to Europe, Mexico or Central America is sitting slightly above 2019 levels, and airfare is currently costing travelers about $881 to Europe and around $458 to Mexico and Central America. Summer travel from the U.S. to Canada is roughly 19 percent dearer this year than in 2019 and, on average, will cost passengers about $387 roundtrip.

How To Save This Summer

Hopper offers a few recommendations for savvy travelers on how to root out great deals, even amid rising travel prices.

1) Use a price-monitoring tool (like Hopper) to receive real-time notifications when the best deals and lowest pricing is available to your destination.

2) Be flexible with your dates, staying open to departing a day earlier or returning a day later than you’d planned, as this will sometimes make a significant difference in your trip’s price.

3) Consider destinations closer to home. To accompany this advice, Hopper put together a…

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