Top tips to cut costs when changing up your interiors

The rising cost of living may have halted various plans for many people as households look to cut costs.

This may include those who are hoping to renovate or update their homes this year.

In fact, RISA, an independent and impartial inspection service to the UK fenestration and construction industries, says 41 per cent of homeowners are planning to make changes to their property in 2022.

However, homeowners looking to renovate their home or freshen up their interiors don’t have to spend a fortune to make a change.

i, with the help of industry experts, has put together a list of tips consumers can follow to save when updating their homes.

Reuse, recycle and upcycle

Consumers looking to update their interiors don’t necessarily have to buy brand new furniture pieces.

Instead, keeping up to date with the latest interior trends can mean that furniture is replaced whilst it’s still usable.

There is now a real trend towards upcycling old furniture items. You can do this with chairs, tables or drawers you already own, for example.

Upcycling could involve simply painting an item or even being more creative to create a completely new piece.

If you’re not keen on doing this, you should ensure that you dispose of any unwanted items responsibly, by selling them online, donating them to charity or simply recycling them so they get a second life.

You could also find free pieces of furniture using websites such as Gumtree and Freecycle.

Buy pre-loved

Similarly, buying second hand items is a good, low cost way of changing up your home.

This doesn’t have to just be items such as wardrobes, drawers and sofas, it could even be kitchen staples.

Buying a preloved or ex-display kitchen is a great way to save between 60 per cent and 90 per cent on the cost of a kitchen refurb with the added benefit of helping to protect the planet at the…

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