Tori Dunlap of Her First $100K shares tips to build wealth

Tori Dunlap wants to remind you: personal finance is personal. In order to achieve financial success, you have to do what’s best for your own situation — not someone else’s.

Dunlap gained a following blogging about her journey to save $100,000 by the time she turned 25. When she accomplished that goal three months after her 25th birthday, she quit her job and turned the blog into Her First $100K, a financial literacy brand that aims to help women fight financial inequality and take control of their money.

Most recently, Dunlap, now 28, published her first book, “Financial Feminist,” already a New York Times bestseller. 

Along the way, she’s learned a few tips that can help anyone aiming for financial success, whether that means retiring early, starting a business or fulfilling another dream. Here are the three biggest lessons she says to learn before you can achieve financial freedom, whatever that means to you.

1. Getting good with money takes practice, and you might be on a learning curve

Good money management doesn’t come naturally to everyone. For many, it’s a skill they have to learn, often later in life.

“I think we come out of the womb expecting to be magically good at money, but we don’t expect ourselves to be magically good at anything else,” Dunlap tells CNBC Make It. 

She considers herself lucky that her parents instilled good financial habits in her from a young age, but acknowledges that not everyone has the same foundation. And even if they do, without consistent effort it’s easy to fall out of practice and into financial turmoil.

You need to practice and get into the habit of learning about money before you can really master using it effectively, she says.

“Just like anything else that’s new, whether that’s playing the tuba or learning to speak Italian, you’re going to be bad at it. It’s not going to…

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