Trader Tone Vays Says Ethereum, XRP and Binance Coins are Scam

Trader and Bitcoin maximalist Tone Vays is questioning Bitrue Exchange’s relationship with Ripple and the platform’s decision to put “XRP scam token,” as its base currency, positing that Ethereum, XRP and Binance Coin are scam tokens.

The crypto enthusiast has been an agelong archenemy of XRP and has always been condemning Ripple’s decision to launch the token.

Tone Vays had on several occasions claimed Ripple launched the XRP token to enrich itself and those who are associates of Ripple’s co-founders. The crypto analyst, this time around, is asking why Bitrue built its exchange around XRP and the reason it solicited for its token be listed on Binance exchange.

On Twitter, Tone Vays furthered that Bitrue built its exchange around “XRP scam token”, and decided to lobby for inclusion on Binance to add its “BTR scam ICO” to Binance, a platform he said was “powered by “BNB scam ICO” that is built on another scam ICO –Ethereum.

Tone Vay has for long been discrediting the performances of other crypto assets. The maximalist believes there is no reason for other cryptos to exist when Bitcoin has already taken the lead.

This time, Tone Vays condemnations centered responding to a statement by Bitrue exchange that it intentionally built the exchange around XRP, and has since been ripping the fruits.

In a blog post to the community, Ripple emphasized on Bitrue’s growth due to its affiliation to Ripple and XRP.

While this may appear a blessing to the XRP community, to Tone Vays, it is a disservice to the crypto community and confirms that scam cryptos co-founders are relating with one another.

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