Try This Easy Ceiling Fan Hack to Save on Money and Energy Bills

Stay comfortable all year long with this simple ceiling fan adjustment. 

isitsharp/Getty Images

Ceiling fans are incredibly simple to use. You flip a switch or press a button on a remote to turn them on when it’s hot… and then forget about them until warmer months return. But you may have overlooked one of the added benefits a ceiling fan can provide: There’s a money-saving trick to make it usable year-round. 

Almost every ceiling fan is designed to rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. Most everyone is familiar with the benefits of a fan’s counterclockwise motion: It creates a downward airflow to cool you, which is ideal for anytime you’re hot. The downward draft from a ceiling fan can even make you feel up to 8 degrees Fahrenheit cooler, which means you can rely less on air conditioning in the peak season. 

What many may not know is that by simply changing the direction of your fan to rotate clockwise, you can make your ceiling fan into an essential item in the colder months too. It may seem counterintuitive to turn on the fan to get warmer, but the clockwise direction draws cool air up and forces warm air down, which is great for winter or whenever you’re cold. 

Sure, you could always take shorter showers, remember to turn off the lights and set your thermostat to the ideal temperature, but given the rising energy…

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