Turn Off Your Lights and Save Money: Find Out How Much

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Heating season is upon us and utility bills are expected to rise. In fact, utility companies and energy experts are warning that heating costs will rise on average by 12% nationally this winter — and those bills for electricity, natural gas and oil may be even higher depending on location. 

No matter how you heat and light your home, this winter it’s likely to cost more. Add in increasing rents and mortgage rates, high gas prices and expensive groceries, you might already be feeling strain on your wallet. However, there are ways to extend your monthly budget.

One of easiest and most effective ways to save some money and reduce your energy bill is turning off your lights when you aren’t using them. (We also recommend unplugging these household devicesadjusting the temperature of your thermostat and weatherstripping to save extra cash.)

Keep reading to learn why it’s important to turn off the lights and how much money this simple habit can save you.

Why you should turn off your lights

You’ve probably been told time and time again the importance of conserving energy, but you might be wondering why it’s so important.

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