Twenty (simple) tips for saving money even with Christmas at the door

The The Christmas season is approaching, and as a rule, expenses also increase at this time of the year. In the context of rising prices, with an impact on household wallets, it is important that expenditures are planned so as not to be excessive.

In the midst of all this, saving can be an added challenge. In this path, the file Financial Literacy Portal of the Associação Mutualista Montepio, EI, 20 tips that can help save even with Christmas at the door. Take note:

  1. Set a Christmas budget – “Strictly follow your planned expenses. To save money at Christmas, make a list of the adults and children you want to give a gift to and set a base value for each. Also estimate how much you want to spend on food”;
  2. Write down all expenses – “Whenever you buy gifts or meals for Christmas parties, write them down in a notebook or diary, so that you have a better idea of ​​the money you’re spending”;
  3. Prepare Christmas dinner in advance. “Ingredients for Christmas dinner that do not go bad, such as olive oil, dried fruit or drinks, must be purchased in advance. Why? Every year, prices tend to go up in December”;
  4. Avoid impulsive and last-minute purchases. “Amidst the ‘confusion’ that has arisen in the shops in the last few days before Christmas, you will be tempted to make less likely and perhaps more costly decisions”;
  5. compare prices – “Choose the store or supermarket that is most accessible to you and that offers the best offer based on the quality / price ratio”;
  6. Focus your purchases – “To save Christmas money on gas and parking, try Christmas shopping once or twice”;
  7. Expense sharing – “Reduce spending on food for Christmas parties and have each family member share the menu with different delicacies”;
  8. Enjoy the credits – “Buy out-of-season Christmas…

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