Unicaja Banco S A : renews its agreement with CEM and sets a €700 million financing facility to support Malaga companies against the COVID-19

Unicaja Banco has renewed its collaboration agreement with the Malaga Confederation of Business Owners (CEM, Confederación de Empresarios de Málaga), and it has set up again a funding line for €700 million to support the Malaga business sector to strengthen the liquidity of companies to face the economic effects caused by the coronavirus. The new agreement has been signed by the Chairman of Unicaja Banco, Manuel Azuaga, and by the Chairman of CEM, Javier González de Lara.

Under the agreement, the bank puts at the disposal of the more than 45,000 freelancers and SMEs member of CEM a full range of specific financial products and services, under advantageous conditions, aimed to facilitate their activities and to make investments.

Especially remarkable are the new products to meet the main demands of companies to face the current situation and conceived to reinforce liquidity, such as the specific COVID-19 financing lines with guarantees from ICO, Garántia and IDEA and CESCE for companies with international activity, as well as to facilitate investments, mainly in digital transformation and R+D+I and the deferral of recurring payments.

The agreement reinforces the long-term existing relationship between the two institutions and aims to achieve the common goals of promoting the business fabric, facilitating the economic boost and supporting employment in Malaga and its province, especially now that the sector needs to be strengthened because of the economic effects caused by the coronavirus.

The goal is to provide financing on advantageous terms to businesses established in Malaga, with the aim of promoting investments, encouraging foreign trade and supporting the expansion and development of strategic projects of Malaga province business sector.

Businesses in general and SMEs in particular continue to be one of the key groups in Unicaja Banco‘s funding policy, especially in Andalusia and, in particular, in Malaga. One of the bank’s priority commercial axes is providing financing to businesses, which are a key driver to make the economy more dynamic and to stimulate job creation.

Products and services with financial advantages

The collaboration agreement includes specific financial products and services under advantageous conditions, such as:

  • Working capital and payment deferral products: Unicaja Payment Credit, Professional Credit Account and Fracciona Loan to defer corporate payments such as taxes and professional fees, as well as Unicaja Confirming.
  • COVID-19 Liquidity Lines for businesses, with guarantees from the ICO (approved by the Government), from the Sociedad de Avales y Garantías de Andalucía, Garántia (approved by the Andalusian Governement), Agencia IDEA (also promoted by the regional government), and from CESCE (credit and suretyship insurance) for companies with international activity.
  • Financing transactions, especially technology and R+D+i: via the ICO 2020 financing lines to support entrepreneurs, businesses and freelancers, project financing under the agreement with the European Investment Bank (EIB), guarantees to access financing provided by Garántia, real estate and equipment leasing and investment in assets via renting. Also, First Company Loan to promote self-employment through feasible initiatives, Self-Employment Promotion Loanand Micro-company Promotion Loan (micro-credits).
  • Deposit Products: special products such as Fee-Free Plan for Professional Firms, the Fee-Free Plan for Professional Freelancers, as well as treasury management for freelancers and businesses through accounts, mutual funds or private banking.
  • Other Products and Services for companies: management of subsidies and official credits, payment methods, payment of taxes, real estate, etc.
  • International Transactions: foreign trade, financing, currencies and services.
  • Digital Banking: Unicaja Banco mobile app and web, as well as mobile apps to send payments such as Unipay Bizum, mobility solutions and management services.
  • Insurances and Pension Plans, with wide coverage and benefits.

The Malaga Confederation of Business Owners integrates SMEs and freelancers of the province, with over 45,000 registrations in Social Security scheme. Among its goals, the CEM intends to enhance the relations between financial institutions and the business fabric of Malaga, to facilitate the normal development of its activities.

Unicaja Banco maintains a close collaboration with CEM since its foundational origin, having entered into agreements in the previous years to facilitate access to financing to Malaga companies on preferential terms.

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