Ways To Save Money When Decorating Your First Apartment

You will spend less if you know exactly what you have to work with from the start. So as soon as you move in, sit down and draw up a realistic decorating budget. According to La-Z-Boy, the key is to budget for the bare bones of what you will need, then build in the exciting extras after you have those covered. This means that you should include things like furniture, rugs, lighting options, and accessories in the first run of your budget. From there, you can begin thinking of things like repainting, updating appliances, etc.

Next, think about the things you are willing to spend more on. For example, you might want to go overboard on a nice mattress and soft sheets, but you would be more than okay with an older, scuffed-up dining room table. Or maybe it’s the opposite. Whatever works for you, be sure to write it down, so you can stick to it as you search. Some decorators choose to make an overall budget. Still, if you are decorating over a more extended period, you might instead be more comfortable creating a monthly spend cap.

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