Bitcoin’s value fell by more than half its value since its November 2021 peak, which caused the entire cryptocurrency market to collapse. Terra (LUNA) and TerraUSD (UST) both experienced such steep declines that investors may be spooked. When both cryptocurrencies were enjoying their honeymoon period a month ago, who would have thought they would face such a steep fall? The weak sentiment spread across the crypto market resulted in investors withdrawing their money, causing Tether (USDT) to lose its peg to the dollar. 

The week not only taught investors to invest carefully, but it also busted many myths about the cryptocurrency market.

Key Takeaways

  • The crypto markets are in turmoil, losing $600 billion dollars in a week.
  • Bitcoin slumped below $30,000 for the first time since July 2021, which is less than half its November 2021 peak.
  • TerraUSD and Terra have suffered the most, trading under $1 now.

Bitcoin May Not Be the Best Hedge Against Inflation

The crypto market has been moving in sync with the stock market for the past few months. The correlation between Bitcoin and the S&P 500 hit a high of 17 months in March 2022, demonstrating that crypto and stock markets are moving in the same direction. 

Bitcoin is often seen as a good hedge against inflation. That means inflation doesn’t affect the top cryptocurrency. It might not be true every time; at least, that’s what the market witnessed this week. High inflation and tighter monetary policy affected crypto investors as well, resulting in the collapse of the market. These developments show that crypto has a bigger market now and is becoming more mainstream.

Stablecoins Aren’t Always Stable

Stablecoins are supposed to maintain their value. They are backed by fiat currencies like the US dollar, gold, and even other cryptocurrencies. The collapse of Bitcoin badly affected Terra and TerraUSD. The functioning of Terra is to blame for this.

Terra (LUNA) and TerraUSD (UST) are two native tokens of the Terra network….

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