What leaders can do to avoid AEP shutoffs, protect customer| Opinion

Recent unfortunate events experienced by AEP customers show how global warming, which produces destructive storms and heat waves, created conditions for widespread power losses.

Continued reliance on fossil fuels escalates these impacts.

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Janine Migden-Ostrander is an Institute for Energy Democracy Fellow at Pace University’s Law School, Energy and Climate Center and also teaches a course on Grid Modernization at the Clean Energy Legislative Academy.  She is the former Ohio Consumers’ Counsel.

Solutions that reduce demand on the system and save customers money are available and they don’t have to include AEP’s draconian shutoffs to homes and businesses.

These solutions have existed for years. The failure of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to require and for AEP to implement them is irresponsible. These options include:

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Former Speaker Larry Householder, R-Glenford, no longer gets to sit in his favorite chair on the Ohio House rostrum after his indictment on federal charges in connection with $60 million worth of bribes to make him speaker again and bail out Ohio's two nuclear power plants through House Bill 6.

That would end the customer subsidy of two uneconomic coal plants and restore the energy efficiency requirements that were discarded to finance the coal plant subsidies. Overall stress on the system is reduced when customers use less energy.

This plain common-sense fact has eluded the legislature for too long.

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