Warmer temperatures means more people will be traveling, and as a result more gas will be used. But, why exactly do we pay more for gas at some pumps than others?

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — When you are trying to compare which gas station has a better cost, have you ever wondered why the price is difference at some locations?

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), the average gas price in Arkansas is $3.88.

If you live in, or travel to Pulaski County, you might have noticed that some pumps have $3.89 a gallon at one station, while it’s $3.79 a gallon at another.

That got us thinking, why do prices vary at stations in different areas?

AAA Spokesperson Nick Chabarria said there are many factors that play a role when looking at gas stations within the same town. 

“The difference in those prices are really going to come from the distribution and marketing costs that those gas stations incur,” Chabarria said.

So for example, some gas stations are part of larger companies that have bigger storage facilities nearby.

Quicker access for them, means cheaper distribution costs, which could save consumers a few extra cents at the pump.

Chabarria said that’s different for smaller fueling stations though.

“Other gas stations may be independently owned and are going to have to pay a distributor to deliver fuel,” Chabarria said.

While some of the lowest prices are…

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