Why you should plan a cruise within driving distance

I’ll never turn down the opportunity to hop on a plane. I love the airport experience, even if it can be frustrating. I’ll even go out of my way to arrive early sometimes, and you can almost always find me in an airport lounge with a cocktail in hand before my flight!

But let’s be real– flying is expensive, from airport parking, to baggage fees, and even New York City’s infamous $28 airport beer. 

When planning a cruise, you are almost always guaranteed to save money if you choose a port within driving distance. Not only that, it is often much more convenient! 

Here’s why you should consider sailing out of a port within driving distance!

You don’t have to arrive a day early

When flying to a cruise port, you should always try to arrive the day before you are scheduled to depart. Life, unfortunately, happens: airplanes have technical issues, weather conditions cause delays, and crews don’t arrive on time. 

Flying in early means paying for an additional day of parking at the airport, extra meals, and a hotel. It could also require taking another vacation day before your vacation even begins! If you live within driving distance, you can wake up the morning of the cruise and make a leisurely cup of coffee in your kitchen before hitting the road.

At some point, I want to try sailing out of New York City. It would take me only thirty minutes (and $2.75) to reach the Manhattan Cruise Terminal! 

Save on airline baggage fees

Paying to check luggage is expensive! Most of the major airlines charge between $30 and $35 for your first bag, unless you maintain status with them. If you are a family of four, this could mean paying $240 to $280 in just baggage fees! And, if you’re like me and a chronic overpacker, the dreaded overweight fee can put a damper on your trip before it begins. 

On the last cruise…

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