Woman assaults children in violent rampage at Cranebrook

A Cranebrook mother who assaulted her one-year-old and three-year-old daughters during a violent rage will be allowed to serve her jail term in the community.

The 33-year-old woman, who originally pleaded not guilty, faced Penrith Local Court last Thursday on the day of her defended hearing and changed her plea.

When asked what she had to say for herself, the woman, who was self-represented, said she was in the process of working with the Department of Family and Community Services to address her alcohol and mental health issues.

“I’m really sorry my kids got hurt that night,” she said of the incident on January 5.

Facts disclose the mother-of-three, who cannot be named for legal reasons, became enraged when her partner told her to get off her phone and start helping around the house.

She began throwing objects, one of which hit her 14-month-old in the face causing her lip to split.

Her 41-year-old partner then said he was leaving and went upstairs with the injured child and began packing some clothes before calling 000.

The three-year-old and the woman’s five-year-old son also followed.
When the woman entered the bedroom a short time later, she grabbed the three-year-old and threw her forcefully to the ground.

Throughout the entire incident the couple were swearing loudly, and along with the children’s screams and crying, could be heard by neighbours three doors down.

So concerned were the residents that they tried to intervene themselves.
Facts reveal neighbours from across the road knocked on the front door and attempted to remove the children, while other neighbours contacted police.

When police arrived, no one answered and they were forced to bust down the door. Once inside, they heard all three children crying and located the offender who immediately became aggressive.

The woman was arrested and conveyed to Penrith Police Station where she stated she did not touch the children but admitted she had gone into a rage.

The court heard it was not the woman’s first domestic violence-related incident, having been previously convicted for ‘assault occasioning actual bodily harm’ in 2018.

Magistrate Geoff Hiatt condemned her behaviour, saying it would have had a “significant impact” on her children.

He noted she had issues with aggression when drinking but said that was not an excuse for her behaviour before handing her a 10-month jail sentence.

The woman will not spend time behind bars however, unless she re-offends, after she was found eligible to serve her sentence in the community by way of an Intensive Correction Order (ICO).

As part of the ICO, the woman must attend counselling and drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

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