Wyze Light Strip Pro Review: Display Up to 16 Customizable Colors at Once

The $30 Wyze Light Strip Pro is largely identical to the $22 Wyze Light Strip, but offers a couple extra features that set it apart. For the additional $8, the Pro version has 16 color segments — rather than the basic Wyze Light Strip’s one — so you can display multiple colors along the strip at once. It also has an epoxy coating that’s supposed to make it more durable.

Overall the Pro strip is worth the extra money, mainly due the additional customizability you get from the color segments. The Pro strip clearly has a different coating than the standard one, but it’s too soon for me to comment on whether it actually helps it hold up better over time. Everything else about the Wyze Light Strip Pro is the same as the Wyze Light Strip, including the support for Alexa or Google Assistant and the various features in the Wyze app. 

I did have trouble understanding how to change the color segments and save my favorites in the app initially, but it’s simple once you figure it out. I’d highly recommend the Wyze Light Strip Pro if you’re looking for an affordable color-changing LED strip with an easy installation and tons of options. 


  • Affordable
  • Durable design
  • Wide variety of customizable features
  • Can display up to 16 colors at once

Don’t Like

  • Confusing at first to figure out how to change the color segments

Getting started


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