Yes, You Can Save Money by Switching to an Electric Lawn Mower

Right now is an excellent time to consider an electric lawn mower. First of all, they’re much better for the environment than gas models. In fact, some areas of the country are planning to ban fossil fuel-powered lawn care tools outright. 

Today’s crop of electric mowers is also the most capable yet, and a few rival the grass-cutting power of traditional gas-burning machines. Electric lawn mowers have dropped in price, too, making them a competitive alternative to old-school solutions. Best of all, operating an electric lawn mower costs less than a gas mower. That’ll save you cash down the road. 

So if you’ve been eyeing these gizmos in the outdoor aisle with curiosity, this guide is for you. Here I’ll explain what electric lawn mowers are all about and why you just might be tempted to snap one up. 

Ego’s line of 56-volt electric lawn mowers has grass-cutting power approaching that of traditional gas machines. 

Chris Monroe/CNET

Mower types and coverage area

Just like gas machines, electric mowers come in three main categories: push, self-propelled and riding. There are basic push models that provide a motor to spin the mower blades only. You have to provide the energy (muscle) to push and maneuver these mowers around a yard yourself. That makes push mowers best suited for small backyards, up to a quarter-acre in size. Push mowers tend to cost the least amount of money.

One step up is a self-propelled…

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