You could save so much money around the house if you tried any of these 40 tricks

For quite a while now I have been trying to spend less money frivolously so I can save up to spend it instead on things I want — like a house, car, and vacations. It’s going well. I ignored all the usual advice about not buying coffee in cafés because I make the best coffee at home already and “out” is the last place I want to be before I’ve caffeinated. (Though I did manage to give up an afternoon cold-brew habit, which saved a ton.)

But I have mastered eating at home, packing lunch, saving power, and avoiding surprise bills that were caused by avoidable disasters. Sometimes you have to spend a little money to net this sort of savings. But I’ve done the math on lots of life hacks and have learned — with mathematical certainty — that you could save so much money around the house if you tried any of these 40 tricks.

1. Setting up motion-sensing night-lights so you don’t leave the lights on

Leaving the lights on is surprisingly expensive but if you plug these clever motion-sensing lights into an outlet on the stairs, bathroom, or kitchen, your house will be easier to navigate without needing the full brights. They automatically emit a gentle glow — you can set how bright you want it — when they detect movement and then turn off again a minute later. You will turn the lights on less often and so lessen the risk of leaving them on.

2. Using a battery storage case & tester so you don’t toss good ones

This battery storage case has a built-in battery tester so you can check if your batteries have a charge before you install them in a gadget — or throw them away. Sometimes a set of batteries stops powering a device but some of those (expensive) batteries still have life in them. This lets you test them and store them — nice and orderly — for another day. It holds 180 batteries and comes in…

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