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Good savers hate to see markets eroding the wealth they’ve worked so hard to build. However, sometimes the financial media may amplify the perceived seriousness of a market event and what it could mean for the future. If recent financial news is making you nervous, here are some “mantras” to help you stay calm.

#1 “I’m staying in my seat.”

We all know market ups and downs can feel like a rollercoaster ride. If you were on an actual rollercoaster, though, you probably wouldn’t go jumping out of your car the moment things turn scary. Resolve to keep your white-knuckle grip on your portfolio even when pundits predict a corkscrew ahead. Take a deep breath and repeat: “I’m staying in my seat. I’m staying in my seat.”

#2 “Doing nothing is doing something.”

When we’re feeling panicky, it’s natural to want to take action. But doing nothing may potentially be the best reaction in periods of short-term volatility. If you’re tempted to take action now, stop. Take a deep breath (or three) and tell yourself: “Doing nothing is doing something.”

#3 “No mo’ FOMO.”

Fear of missing out, or FOMO, happens when markets begin to rebound and investors trade one form of anxiety (losing money) for another (missing out on the upside). But staying disciplined during market crises means you shouldn’t have to make that choice, because when the rollercoaster starts its climb, you’ll still be in your seat!

#4 “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

Dealing with uncertainty is one reason why investors are able to earn a return over time. If you can keep your expectations realistic and take a long-term view, we believe you’ll be better prepared in the event of market downturn.

#5 “This too shall pass.”

Did you know that this was apparently Abraham Lincoln’s favorite saying? According to the Daily Stoic, Honest Abe recited this mantra whenever the going…

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