You’ve been shopping at Kroger all wrong

KROGER shoppers will want to take advantage of all the savings they can get, with prices continuing to rise rapidly.

The latest data shows that the inflation rate surged by 8.5% in March compared to a year earlier. 


You’ll want to keep several things in mind the next time you shop at the retailer

During the period, food prices have leaped by 8.8%.

When it comes to Kroger, there are some products that you can save money on when shopping at the store.

For example, fresh items including dairy, vegetables, and proteins are said to be 3.3% cheaper when compared to retail rival Walmart, according to Business Insider.

However, Kroger grocery items in general cost a 4% premium versus Walmart.

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Here are several secrets that you need to keep in mind the next time you shop at Kroger.

1. Sign up for a debit rewards card

A great way to save at any place is by signing up for a rewards program.

After signing up for Kroger’s debit card, you’ll be able to earn rewards on your purchases.

This includes saving 2% on its branded products including Simple Truth, and its namesake brand Kroger, plus 50% more in fuel points for every $1 spent.

The points can be claimed at eligible fuel centers.

Moreover, it’s important to note that debit cards can’t ruin your credit score.

2. Buy Kroger-branded products

Speaking of Kroger-branded items – this is another great way to save when shopping at the store.

For example, at a local store, we found that a four-count of Kroger Unsalted Butter Sticks was on sale for $2.88 (normally $3.79) versus $5.79 for a Land O’ Lakes brand.

Also, a 16-ounce container of Kroger’s sour cream was on sale for $1.67 ($1.79 normally) compared with the $2.49 price of a Daisy brand.

3. Free Friday products

In addition to your workweek ending, Fridays could be celebrated sometimes by claiming a free…

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