ZUGACOIN begins Initial Coin Offer (ICO)

ZUGACOIN has finally began Initial Coin Offer (ICO); a grand move which has stirred excitement in the air as over 3 Million Nigerians will soon become Billionaires.

In addition, the currency has also passed all security and evaluation stages of Blockchain Technology.

It has been confirmed that ZUGACOIN, is the first CRYPTOCURRENCY in Africa and it is ready for deployment, Africans should get ready for financial revolution.

This is obviously the end of the road for poverty in Nigeria, and Africa at large.

Shortly after unveiling Shop For Once & Earn For Life platform, a new avenue to empower youth and the future generations, Archbishop Dr Sam Zuga who is bent on making lives better for every hardworking and diligent Nigerian youths launched ZUGACOIN on the Global Coin Capital Market.

The cleric better known as Jehovah’s Field Marshall had officially launched ZUGACOIN through Blockchain Technology on August 10th 2020.

According to the Archbishop, members of Samzuga Foundation Multi purpose cooperative society limited will enjoy pre-launching FREE COINS to begin their journey into financial freedom.

Samzuga also listed all the benefits that awaits new Zugacoin users as a new month  begins today.

“Welcome to a new month of September 2020 with FREE ZUGACOIN. The Initial Coin Offer (ICO) of the first African indigenous CRYPTOCURRENCY begins today 1st September 2020. We are giving out as follows:

The general public – 100 zugabites. Members of Samzuga Foundation Multi purpose cooperative society limited – 500 zugabites. Certified members of Samzuga Foundation Multi purpose cooperative society limited – 2000 zugabites. Click on the link below and fill the form to receive your financial freedom package. https://samzuga.aidaform.com/free-zugacoin , ” he noted.

The Bishop also stated that the mouth watering offer will only last from 1st – 10th September 2020.


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